One of the most asked questions I hear each year as the weather gets cold is can I build in the winter. The simple answer is yes! The next part of that question is will I get a same quality home built in the winter and that is yes with the right builder.

As a builder I take great care in making sure the site is prepared properly. In 2014 which was the worst winter we had on record, in my life (I have lived in Toledo since I was 4 years old) I built my very own home. Some would say I wanted to prove I could do it in the worst circumstances. I wasn't trying to prove anything it just worked out like that.

One thing is once you dig down through the frost the ground is about 50 plus degrees. We install a pre cast Superior Walls foundation system that isn't affected by the cold and set time. We cover the area with heat blankets until the walls are set, install the forst floor deck and then once that is completed we heat the space. I leave heat in this space until the weather get warm outside in my case that happened in about April.

While we built walls and roof the house got snow on it several times but snow is really just frozen water, so in the spring, summer and fall that is rain not snow. Once we installed the roof we cleaned the floors and worked on the house like any other home. If you were to walk through my house today you would never see anything that would indicate I built in the worst winter in Toledo history.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to ask.