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Client Testimonials

The U.S. EPA appreciates the contributions that James E. Moline Builders, Inc. has made in support of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program. Through your partnership, you are helping homebuyers experience the peace of mind, quality, comfort, and value that come with living in an ENERGY STAR certified home. EnergyStar.gov
Just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I am enjoying working with Michelle! It can be stressful choosing so many things and she makes it so much fun and easier too! She and I just hit it off and I wanted to let you know she makes this process so much better! Having built before without help like hers, I so appreciate her working with me! It's been great! Thank you for providing her services! 
We're excited about all that's going on at our place!
Thank you so much for the gift basket but more importantly thank you for taking suck pride in the detail of our home. We feel like we are on vacation each and everyday. We really do appreciate that you give so much care in the little details. Bob and Lori Ritter
What a great experience we have had with you and your team. We heard horror stories about building and we were a little worried, but you guys made all of that never cross our minds. Sure there are things that go wrong but you always handle everything professionally and quickly. Its nice to still see people that are honest and trustworthy in this industry. We have and will continue to refer you to our friends and family. The Creque's
"Good morning, Just wanted to let you know everything on the list is completed..All your different subs are just the nicest, professional people to deal with. You have a lot to. be proud of Jim. Have a great holiday season and enjoy that grandson..It’s always a pleasure" The Scroggs
"Jim thank you for being a great honest person we have loved this whole process. I told brian I am ready to do it again, lol. He said no start working on the barn to keep yourself busy! We will be calling you in about 5 years for building our barn!" Jen and Brian Creque
"it has been an incredible experience and one I cannot truly put into words. I find myself continuously remarking on the amazing craftsmanship, professionalism and process you and your team approach each house. It made it look so easy when in fact I know there are many people behind the scenes making it happen" Kim Dowdell
"You guys have made this experience the BEST ever" Jim and Kathy Gabel
Building with you has been a great experience and we are thrilled with the end product. Thanks for everything. Carleen and Donald, King Acres
We are the neighbors directly to the north or your property. "Just a quick note to compliment and thank you for the exceptional crew you have working there. I have never heard even one swear word and when our dogs are being a bit too barky no one has ever yelled at them or complained. The construction has never been a bother or inconvenient to us in any way. The crew sometimes has a radio playing and I enjoy their taste in music and I think I may hear singing now and again, he has quite a nice singing voice! We also greatly appreciate that there isn't any debris blowing over into our property." Neighbor at a Moline construction site
Thank you so much. We both are very happy with the home and the build process with you. We have a deep admiration for the job you and your team have done to make this home a reality for us. Drs. Rahil and Rawan Kasmani
I just wanted to say thank you for the gift basket. You were a great builder to work with and I would recommend you to anyone that is looking to build a house. Jim Heiman
Nancy and I have enjoyed living in the home you built for us. Besides the outstanding quality of workmanship and overall beauty of the home, it is the most comfortable home we have ever owned. It is virtually draft free in both winter heating and summer cooling. I have attached for your use the cost of the utilities for this home compared in dollars to our prior home over the past nine years. It is very difficult to compare costs due to the increase in energy cost however my feeling is a saving over our prior comparable square footage house. Jon and Nancy Miller
Our experience with you and your network of outstanding trades professionals from the time we started the process until we took possession of our villa was nothing short of exceptional. From the sales experience and the choosing or our lot, through the contracting, architectural design and exterior/interior features phase and all the way to the "nitty gritty" of finishing details, the process was pleasurable while challenging, especially since we did most of the coordination from 2000 miles away. Without hesitation, we highly recommend you to others who are looking to build in the Toledo area. Your process, your sub contractors, your quality standards, your attention to detail and the finished stand alone villa are truly outstanding. Tip Parker & Bob Zlasney
I moved into my new home built by Jim Moline in January 2007. Due to Jim's energy efficient building, my heating and cooling bills have been significantly lower than in my previous homes even though fuel costs are higher. My house holds the heat so well that I am able to keep the temperature set a few degrees lower than I had in the past. Konnie Bostleman
We closed on our house Nov. 1, 2012 and started to pick out and order cabinets, lights, brick ceramics, plumbing fixtures, appliances and electrical. The excavation started in a couple of weeks, the foundation was being laid on Nov. 22 and we left for Florida on 11/23. Nancy saw her finished house May 20,2013, ready for occupancy. The only call back we had was to repaint the kitchen, this was a change of color Nancy decided on. We have friends who built in this same time frame and spent a lot of time on site and still had many disappointments. It has been a very favorable experience with Jim and his hand picked subs. If you want a new house, go to James Moline at Moline Builder, Inc. John and Nancy Michael
I know you have models you utilize, but feel free to call on us to show your work at this house to anyone - we are exceptionally proud to have chosen you and would do our best to convey that a million time over. Dr. Rob and Dawn Steirwalt
Jim, Thank you for the beautiful house warming gift, it was much appreciated. Most of all thank you for the beautiful home you built for us. You did a superb job and the whole experience was wonderful. Dan and Jane Haley
Jim, I wanted to send you a note and thank you for replacing the trees along side of my Villa. Although it might not have been anything you did or didn't do you are a man of your word and I appreciate that. Whenever I speak with anyone about you I tell them you can count on Jim to follow through and do what he says he will do. Carl and Sue Happ
Jim, I thought I would drop you a note of thanks. Two weeks ago Lance stopped by to nail down the loose shingle over my front entry and Steve today was here to shave down a door and adjust the latch. Even though you built our home 5 years ago your attention and service is greatly appreciated. Don and E.J. Hewitt
After living in our new home for more than a year we have to tell you how pleased we are with it. We had no idea that an Energy Star home meant exactly that! Our utility bills have dropped dramatically and we are so pleased with the craftsmanship that went into our home. Your service and final move in has been nothing but the best, Thanks for making building a positive experience. Carl and Mary Anderson
Thank you for having the concrete guys re-pour the damaged sections of the driveway. Your follow up has been great. It looks like they did a nice job. We especially appreciate the care they took with the forms to minimize disrupting the beds and lawn. Larry and Barb King
What a great experience we had building our home with you. From the time we broke ground to our first night we haven't had one problem. You truly have a great gift to make people feel like they are the only one you are building for at that time. Your team is a fine machine. Ken and Cathy Rowe
Jim, I wanted to thank you for first returning my phone call and then fixing a problem we had with our toilet. You built our home 10 years ago and I didn't think I would get any response when I called. Thanks and I wish you the best. Dr. Dave Hoover
We are extremely happy with our Villa. The overall design and quality of workmanship is the best we have ever seen. It is easy to understand why you have won so many awards for your work. You do quality work and have an exceptional team assembled who not only are craftsmen but know how to interact with the public. Linda and I are thankful that we had an opportunity to purchase the unit and live in such a wonderful home and neighborhood. Jeff and Linda Whitlock
It is almost a year and mere words can not express the satisfaction we have with the home you built for us. We just absolutely love it!! It is not just the attention to detail that you and your crew maintained in building our home but you made the experience one that was enjoyable. We heard many horror stories from other couples who built homes working with local builders. However, after working with you and your professional staff the process not only became something we looked forward to but it was actually fun. If we ever build again we will only call Moline Builders. Aaron and Selina Griswold
Thank you for the lovely home you built for us. It has exceeded our expectations in every way. Your sub-contractors were easy to deal with and Dave Richards is the most patient man alive. You were always willing to answer our questions no matter how trivial. We feel fortunate to have found Deer Valley and you! It made moving from California worthwhile. Without a question we will recommend you to anyone who wants to build a quality home. Bob and Sherry Hayes
Craig was here last week fixing up the minor drywall issues and Randy and his men were here touching up the painting. You are fortunate to have high quality sub contractors that understand what customer service is all about. They did a great job (this was the year end walk-thru) John and Cheryl Eggert
Just thought we would share with you a few thoughts regarding our "Five Star Energy Home" here in Deer Valley Villas. Keeping the ever rising cost of energy in mind, our utility bills here in Deer Valley are lower than the last two homes we lived in for the twenty-one years prior to moving here, and both homes theoretically had "high efficiency" furnaces. We are always comfortable, even in the worst weather conditions, and the installation and operation of the furnace is such that you cannot even hear it run. In closing, we have been and continue to be, very pleased with our home from a utilities cost efficiency and comfort level standpoint. Keep up the excellent work. Bud and Bonnie Clark
Thank you Jim, I appreciate all you have done. You have been a great person to work with, the input from all the contractors you have working for you has really helped a lot. Again, I appreciate all you have done. Your Friend, Gary and Gayle Eversole
Dave and I are so pleased with the results of the store front as are so many Grand Rapids residents. Many people were worried that the historic characteristics of the building would be compromised. Thanks to you and your crew we all came out winners. Dave and Marian Orzechowski,
Ann tells me that 3 of your guys showed up here bright and early yesterday to repair our siding (wind damaged). That is going above and beyond what I would ever expect from a builder. We really appreciate you doing this. I can't repay you in a specialized trade, but I will continue very positive word-of-mouth, encouraging people to do work with you because they can trust your word as well as your work. It remains a pleasure living in Deer Valley Villas. Tom and Ann Baker
As the old saying goes, "The check is in the mail!" We are thrilled with the results of our lower level house within a house. We can't bring ourselves to refer to it as the basement so we are referring to it as the "Lower Level". You and your people did an outstanding job as always. Thanks again for a great job. It is always such a pleasure working with you. John and Nancy Miller
Between the windows, the insulation, and the efficient system we've seen electric bills that are comparable, if not less than what we experienced in our old home and we have probably twice the area which I said has been a pleasant and economical surprise - I'm somewhat a skeptic and times wondering if the literature and research is always true, always doing my own analysis as well - in this case, it is ha ha ,,, we are hoping this keeps up. Dr Rob and Dawn Stierwalt
Thank you for repairing our brick problem above the garage (house was 9 years old). You handled the matter like a professional gentleman. We are happy to spread any goodwill to your company we can. Best Regards, Steve and Miriam Belanger
Thank you for your sincerity and honesty in building our new home in Stone Oak. Your professional attention is greatly appreciated. December 7, 2004 Dr. Jay Galani
"It's been almost 2 years since you built our home in Greycliff". This was our first building experience and we loved every minute of it. Working with suppliers was a breeze, since each one had such high praise for Jim. The highest compliment we could pay is that if we ever build another house we will only be getting gone bid. That will be from Moline Builders. Dr. and Mrs. John Detrick
Dependability, accountability, and quality work are words that describe Moline Builders. From the blueprints to completion of our home (and the house warming gift) Jim was professional, reliable and very easy to work with. We would highly recommend Moline Builders to anyone considering building a new home. Kenny and Tisa Rowe
"On time and on budget is just the beginning with James E. Moline Builders. I found Jim to be the most ethical person I have ever dealt with. Jim literally, "puts the quality in from the beginning". His homes can proudly be called Your Home". Mike and Chris Landin
We recently moved into our new Villa in Breckenridge and wanted to let you know how thoroughly we enjoy our new home. In the past we have heard nightmares about builders and we are so impressed with the positive process we went through with James E. Moline Builders, Inc. Your personal interest, honesty, professionalism and quality of workmanship made our building experience enjoyable. We are so pleased with the responsiveness now that we have moved in to our Villa. Questions are answered speedily and workmen treat our time and home respectfully. Leland and Ruth Ann Tetz
Jim was a delight to work with. We had complete trust in his judgment and he was always available when we needed him. He has become a trusted friend and we have had him do other projects for us now that we have been in our home over 5 years! Bruce and Betsy Rumpf
I haven't had a gas bill over $100.00 anytime since I moved into my Deer Valley Villa three years ago. With over 2400 sq. ft. of finished area and a partially finished basement that is really unbelievable. Jim's construction practices save me money each and every year. Tom and Ann Baker
Just a note to tell you that when the storm blew thru here Thursday afternoon we lost power for about 13 hours. As you know the temperature was almost 100 degrees that day outside and we always keep the air at 75 degrees in the house. At no time did the inside temperature go above 76 degrees in our home. You said our home was insulated really well and now we really understand how well. Thanks for a good job. Ken and Kathy Rowe
Joe and I are still thrilled with our new home. We continue to add little touches here and there, but we love the simple look and "feel" of the house. You have a talent for building new homes with character. Again, congratulations - if you hadn't already built a home for us, I'd be calling you to talk about building one. Angela Dietrich
After almost one year in our beautiful "James Moline" built home we are still extremely happy with the entire outcome! The workmanship is just wonderful. People asked "what would you do differently" our answer is "Absolutely Nothing". Tom and Judy Overmyer
We would like to thank you for building our new house. Bobbie and I really enjoyed the process. We greatly appreciate everything you and your team did to build our dream home. We were confident after we met you for the first time that we would get a high quality built home from you and your team. Todd and Bobbie Strayer
I was rummaging through some old computer files, when I came across some correspondence we had while building our home in the Quarry over four years ago. The words we wrote upon completion of our home are as true and heartfelt today as they were when written in December of 1996. As you know, we were reluctant to even begin building a custom home because of the many disheartening stories told us by friends who had gone through the experience with other builders. We are happy to say however, we can look back on our experience with Moline Builders as an exciting and enriching experience. From the planning stage through the final details, working with you was a pleasure, your integrity and fairness are hallmarks of your business and your professional hands on involvement produces a home of character and dependability. Thank you and best wishes to you and your family. Dr. jeff and Cheryl Levin
When we made our decision to build our own custom home, we began our search for the builder with some trepidation (you know all those horror stories that are circulated!). After several meetings with Jim and completing reference checks, we settled upon Moline Builders for the job. We continue to be delighted with our choice. The carpentry detail, in particular, is exceptional. We have been in our home since September 2000 and all systems run smoothly. In the event that minor adjustments were needed after we took possession, Jim's crew responded promptly and efficiently to our requests. We give unqualified endorsement to anyone contemplating a building relationship with Moline Builders. Rob and Jeri Shick
We are in our new home in Stone Oak and we love it!. Barbara and I want to compliment you and your team of sub-contractors and suppliers on our custom home. You have assembled a truly expert, professional and customer-oriented group of dedicated craftsmen that have worked together to produce an exceptional home for us. Your team is a credit to you and your leadership. Please pass on our grateful thanks and appreciation to your crew and team. And of course, thank you for a great and wonderfully successful experience. Peter and Barbara Machin
Just wanted you to know we sold our beautiful villa in English Garden Ct. which you built. We had to downsize and now live in a _____ villa and miss the quality of a Jim Moline home. Carol and Doug Laumann
I wanted you to know how pleased we are with the completed project. I can't say enough good things about your crew of workers. They were always here early and worked diligently all day. Everyone was so professional and nice. Pam Hanley
As always another great job by your crew. Thank you for the extra mile of holding the windows for a year. Let us know the charges for the door install also. Tamara Melchor
Thank you for the gift basket. Jim there isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank you for our beautiful home. Ken and Diane Alcorn
Jim, We just wanted to tell you that M Magazine is coming out today to take pictures or our house to put in their magazine for the September issue! Thanks again Jim for our beautiful house! We will always be grateful for the house you built us!!! Diane and Ken Alcorn
We wanted to send a note to let you know our experience this year with Moline Builders. Approximately 18 months ago we made the decision to sell our house and move. After many visits and soul searching we decided to build. This decision was made mainly because of the strong feeling and positive reaction we received when meeting Jim Moline. It was obvious from the beginning he understood the wants and needs of the type home we were looking to build. His villas in Deer Valley offered the lifestyle we were looking for - along with his willingness and ability to customize our villa to match our life style. Carol and Bob Eberly
Jim Moline becomes a friend who treats you with respect and dignity, who never fails to personally tender to your concerns, and fully understand that the work of a successful builder continues after the house is built. Those particular qualities along with his unquestionable integrity, made our home building a wonderful experience. His attention to detail is remarkable because he and his entire team take pride in every home they build. We love our new home, but if we ever build another, Jim Moline will build it! Wes and Cathy Berger

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