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#2 - About Construction Drawings

Building a home is a complex process that takes place over months and involves numerous craftsmen and suppliers along with materials that once in place aren’t easily moved or rearranged … a detailed set of construction drawings are a must.

Consider: if you don’t have a detailed set of drawings how do you know what you’re building and if mistakes are made how will you hold your builder accountable … or better yet, how will you even know?

Moline Builders begins by creating a floor plan schematic of your home which shows room sizes and the homes layout. Once adjustments have been made to meet your needs, lifestyle and lot dimensions we move on to the important construction drawings. This begins with a ¼” = 1’ dimensioned floor plan. The next step after the floor plan is to add the details necessary to build your home, including complete dimensions, window and door locations and exterior views. Once the construction drawings are finalized, and approved by you, we know what to build and you know what you’re buying.     

We’ve all heard the story about the house that was built from a sketch on the back of a napkin. The story might be true, but is that how you want your dream home designed and built? While the napkin story is extreme … it's not uncommon for prospective clients to show us construction drawings without sufficient detail. Thus, who designs your home is very important.

Moline Builders homes are designed by professional home designers and architects, with input from you and oversight by Jim Moline. This accomplishes three important things:
1) Your home is properly designed with the detail necessary to define what you are buying.
2) You benefit from Jim Moline’s extensive construction experience and design ideas. 
3) Mr. Moline is free to oversee and supervise your construction project, instead of being tied up making drawings.  

                                  Don’t overlook the importance of the Plot Plan 
Once the floor plan schematic is complete a Plot Plan can be created to show the lot and the exact location proposed for the home. A professional designer and your builder will help you with decisions like where to place the home and the designer will also ensure that local codes and site guidelines are not violated.

Tip #2 A: Be sure your builder will provide a "Complete Set of Construction Drawings" created by a Professional Designer. The drawings need to have sufficient detail, including room sizes, complete dimensioning, window locations /sizes, support beam locations, footer / foundation detail, roof slope detail, all exterior views and etc. Bottom line … the drawings need to accurately depict what you will buy, not an approximation.

Tip #2 B: By using a professional home designer or architect you benefit from the designers vast experience as opposed to a builder that designs their own homes from their singular experiences and possibly repeats the same mistakes.  

Tip #2 C: A computer generated rendering of the home is not the information needed to build your home. There is no acceptable substitute for proper construction drawings.

Tip #2 D: A Plot Plan is necessary to ensure that the home will properly fit on the lot. We strongly recommend that you require and approve a plot plan along with construction drawings.

Tip 2 E: The builder and buyer should initial and date a full set of final construction drawings and the plot plan. Those drawings should become part of your building contract. Ask the builder if that's how they handle this information … if not, proceed very cautiously.

# 2 Summary:  The process that the builder uses to create your construction plans is very important. This detailed information is used to quote and build your home and there should be no acceptable substitute for a full set of construction drawings and plot plan created by a qualified home designer or architect.




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