Moline Builders is proud to announce that they have received two prestigious awards from the  EfficiencyCrafted® homes program: "Lowest Average HERS score by volume" and the "HERS 45 Club" ... for a HERS score of 43 during 2015.

Consumers that are not familiar with the HERS system (Home Energy Rating System) will want to know that a system exists to measure a home's energy efficiency. The lower the HERS score the more efficient the home, saving on operating costs and increasing the home's comfort level. By quantifying a home's energy efficiency consumers can make an apples to apples comparison of homes and builders, then make an informed decision.

The EfficiencyCrafted® homes program is sponsored by Columbia Gas of Ohio and AEP Ohio. Participating builders use advanced construction practices, design details and materials that are verified to meet a higher standard of energy performance.

As a "Certified" Energy Star builder serving northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan each Moline built custom home is given a HERS score by an independent third party. Learn more at