Moline Builders frequently encounters home owners that love their home, but it no longer meets their needs. In such cases, some would draw the conclusion that the home is too large and it's time to down size, a popular term that sometimes describes a home owner's motivation to move. However, the size of the home is not the only reason an existing home may no longer be the dream home it was when yo purchased it. Often the size of the home is acceptable but the floorplan and space allocation no longer work for you. Symptoms of this include: the home has rooms that are no longer used, the multi-level floor plan has become difficult to live in, your compartmentalized floor plan is not compatible with how you live today or your future needs, and etc.

So whether it's time to downsize or you simply need to "Right Size" ... give Moline Builders a call and let us help you optimize your floor plan so that it works for the way you live today and your expected future needs.