The Greater Toledo Home Builders Association announced their annual Toledo Choice Award winners at their annual banquet on Friday November 30, 2017. Moline Builders, a prominent Toledo area builder, was once again recognized for excellence in the industry as they received the Toledo Choice Award for Best Single Family Home. 

Moline Builders indicated that as their clients, a fourth generation farm family,  prepared to build a new home they wanted their home to be about family. They wanted it to be homey, inviting and simplistic while having an open floor plan that promoted family togetherness and allowed them to maximize their family time as they worked around the demands of the farm. They wanted a home located on their family’s farm land, close to where dad toiled so he could interact with the family throughout the course of the long work day. They wanted their children to grow up playing in the dirt while having space to be a child and most importantly they wanted their home to reflect who they are: a very proud modern day farming family … Moline Builders’ challenge became: design and build a modern day farmhouse that would remind their clients of days-gone-by while incorporating today’s modern technology and conveniences to achieve beauty through simplicity.

As a bonus to the Toledo Choice Award ... the manufacturer of the front door chose to use a photograph of this home in their product catalogue as they felt this home and the front door selection captured the essence of a welcoming farmhouse.   

Congratulations to Moline Builders team of employees, craftsmen, suppliers and business partners who collaborated to build this award winning home. CLICK HERE to view photos