Have you ever hung a picture and then stepped back and asked "does that look like it's too high ... or too low? If so, then you'll want to keep the following tip offered by Moline Builders staff decorator, Michele Thrasher.

To hang a picture at the right height on the first try, follow this easy formula:
1. Measure the overall height of the frame and divide by 2.
2. With full tension on the hanging wire, measure from hanging wire to top of frame.
3. Subtract the result of #2 from #1.
4. Add 60 to the result of #3.
5. Mark the wall from the floor to the result of #4 and attach your nail or hanger to the wall.

Your picture is now at a good height for all to enjoy!

Example (See Graphic):
1. Frame measures 20 inches, top to bottom.
2. There is 3 inches from the hanging wire to top of frame.
3. Result = 10 - 3 ... or 7
4. Result = 60 + 7 .. or 67
5. Mark the wall at 67 inches from the floor and attach your nail of picture hanger at that height.