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Building or remodeling a home is a major investment and selecting your builder is one of the most important decisions you will make. We'd like to help you make an informed decision so feel free to take advantage of the information on our web site. Learn about Moline Builders then give us a call or use the convenient "Contact Moline Builders" section. 

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Moline Builders has built and remodeled homes since 1988.  Today, Moline Builders is recognized to set the standard in northwest Ohio and south east Michigan for customer satisfaction, new home construction, remodeling and home maintenance services.   

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Toledo Builder Announces Model Home

Moline Builders, the areas seven time Builder of the Year, announced that they have begun construction on a new model home in Sylvania Township. Located in Moline's new King Acres single family home development, this ranch home offers 1,985 square fee... Read more

Toledo Builder's client said this

When you talk to prospective buyers about building a home instead of buying an existing home you are not always greeted by excitement at the thought of building. Sometimes negative feelings boil up because the parties had a bad experience at a prior home ... Read more
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Another new home owner? … We closed out the week before Easter by turning over a new King Acres home to our client who said " it has been an incredible experience and one I cannot truly put into words. I find myself continuously remarking on the amazing craftsmanship, professionalism and process you and your team approach each house. It made it look so easy when in fact I know there are many people behind the scenes making it happen" 

King Acres ... Moline Builders currently has homes under construction at our new King Acres development and our new MODEL is underway. Choose from prime building lots and 4 different floor plans, which can be customized to meet your needs.

Coder Cove Monclova Townships Premier large lot development is coming soon. Construction on the road has begun so act now and take advantage of the pre-construction lot pricing. We have accepted deposits on 7 of 10 lots so don't delay!!


James E. Moline Builders Inc. is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Developer in Toledo, OH